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Altınbölme was founded in Bursa in 1988 and since then, has been offering services of product development for special projects, designing, production and installation. Altınbölme, with 33 years in the industry, has become one of the leading companies in terms of producing acoustic material solutions, modular office partitions, dynamic acoustic partitions and boutique wooden office furnitures, for both private and corporate projects.​

Wood is an integral part of the partition wall. Taking this into consideration, Altınbölme has added a wood plant and expanded its production line.​

At the same time, Altınbölme; continues to be an indispensable choice for door types, acoustic panels, office furniture and wood manufacturing.​

In our systems where quality is constantly improved over experience; On this road we set out with the slogan "Do Not Build Walls Among You", we carry your projects to the understanding of the future with innovative designs and fast implementation methods. Quality, functionality, imagination and competitiveness. With these concepts, Altınbölme continues to sign important projects in the Middle East with its Ankara and Tehran (Iran) headquarters in addition to the point it has reached throughout the country.​

For You to Prefer the altınbölme

Completed 8800 different projects​
300+ new projects are completed every year​
4300 M2 Factory area - Experienced Factory Staff of 150 people​
30 professional management personnel in 4 different office locations​​
Has the success of working on a different project again with 95% of its customers​
Sales volume 10 Million Euro / Year​
   40% volume is made up of modular office partition systems​
   20% volume is movable partition wall systems​
   20% volume is Furniture Systems​
   5% volume is Door Systems​
   15% vol. other​

With 33 years of experience and 95% investment to the Turkish market, we are the sector leader.

Continues to make investments for opening to the world market, and plans to increase production volume by 70% during the year and increase the export above 50% of its turnover in 2022.

Educational Institutions

Health Sector

Public Projects

Culture Center

Finance and Banking


Place of Worship




Hotel Tourism

has references and experience in many projects.

Process Management(Alnoplan / Alnowall / ABCopakt Laminat/ other. .. ​)

Proposals are prepared by the factory according the project ​
15% discount from the list price is applied to the Distributor company
The Distributor gives its own price by adding the profit - the factory does not interfere with the price given to the customer ​
Freight Costs belong to the Distributor, Factory price is given as EXwork + assembly or supervisor offer is given separately, if requested
Order information details such as quantity and area sizes is given as a dwg file by the distributor company. ​
Sales volume 10 Million Euro / Year​
Factory personnel can be taken on-site exploration and production measurements, man/day 250 euros, excluding transportation, accommodation.
The products are packaged and sent to the address where the installation will be made on behalf of the distributor.
Customs clearance, transportation, tax costs are invoiced to the distributor afterwards​
Average delivery time is delivered in 4-6 weeks
Proposals are prepared by the factory according the project ​

payment method​

50% payment on the order day, 50% payment before factory shipment - 15%+2% discount available ​
If 100% payment is made on the order day, will be provided 15% + 5% discount from the price list.
10% payment on order 50% payment before shipment - 40% payment on material delivery
15% discount will be applied to the price list and the company will be insured by Eximbank.


Must be an Official Representative ​
Must get system trainings
Need to create showroom space
Marketing planning is required

price list is in the EK1 file.

Full vehicle and half truck partial freight cost chart is in EK3file

Installation and application instructions are in EK2 file.

Distributor terms are in syf 13



Project negotiations are made by the representative on behalf of Altınbölme.
All data and notes are shared with Altınböme to create a project cost study.
A project management chart is prepared, which includes the production and implementation processes, including the project management expenses.
The representative becomes the party that controls and manages all official correspondence and document management.
The representative is responsible for the project area control and should notify the factory.
The factory is the party that implements the project - production and manufacture.​
The factory is obliged to fulfill on time, all the conditions committed in the project
In case the factory makes a direct agreement with the project owner, it makes a project consultancy agreement with the representative.
In return for the factory consultancy agreement service, 4/1 of the post-cost earnings are shared with the consulting company.​
All expense items such as freight-handling-worksite and tax expenses are kept together with the expense trial balance files and cost balances are managed.
Consultancy service received from the representative and added to the costs by invoice​
Since the project revenues will be followed together with the project partner, the revenue sharing is also shared according to the project conditions.

The training organization is 5-day organization for the factory and products, providing technical information training.
The training should be given face to face in English, in Turkey or ....... Accommodation costs belong to the host.
The trainings will be mutual, not one-sided. Training on the representative's market, customer portfolio and work will be given to the factory teams.

Communication and process management team will be created, for the representative. All works for the Belgian market will be managed through this team and this team will play an active role in marketing activities. Assembly and installation teams, team leaders will be formed and all data and documents will be procured in advance. Will be created a correspondence and -e-mail group, where all data and information will be followed.

Technical data - system drawings - certificates - All test reports and material information, will be provided in English. Providing all product data - pictures - reference images, etc. for digital use Transmitting the printed materials as 1000 pieces/material per year including the contact information

Opening of Alnowall -...... website with local language support - Adding the contact information of the representative office as factory ...... Providing Alnowall - ...... website content and agency services for 1 year Alnowall - creates online customer management system for 1 user current-activity-offer and order system.

Providing architectural design support in the area that given by the representative, for the establishment of a customer experience center. Making the necessary productions, shipping and installation, for the establishment of the customer experience center showroom.

Renewal of the designs and contents of the proposal forms, between the representative and the factory are attached. The proposal templates, that the representative will send to the customers, will be prepared under the name of BOVO, template design should be

organization chart​

50.000 EURO is a 4-year Altınbölme Representation Fee

Should be minimum 2 person staff for the sales and marketing

Opening a letter of credit for 50,000 EURO per year and providing all documents for the company.

Turnover target for 2022 is 2 million EURO

Digital marketing work will be provided

150 m2 area store installation, for the customer experience center

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